Our company has experienced personal in research and clinical care. All our personnel have been trained in FDA Regulations, GCP, Site management and Good Documentation Practices.

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Biomed Research Institute Laboratory

Biomed Research Institute Examitation room

Biomed Research Institute Infusion Room

Biomed Research Institute Office

Our facility is climate controlled and fully equipped, including:

  • Doctor Office.
  • Patient Examination Rooms (3).
  • Infusion room.
  • Laboratory
  • -20o Freezer, -70o Freezer, Refrigerated centrifuge, Centrifuges, Microscope.
  • Pharmacy
  • Double locked Drug Storage Room with locked refrigerators.
  • Monitoring temperature: Min/Max thermometer 24/7.
  • Thermo – Hygrometer Sensor.
  • Indoor, Outdoor Temperature.
  • Pressure History
  • Area for patients to wait prolonged periods of time.
  • Private area for IC process and/or Subject questionnaires.
  • Dedicated Study Coordinators Room equipped with computers, fax/copy/scan machines and analog phones.
  • Dedicated Monitoring Area with Internet access.
  • Administrative Office (Regulatory, Recruitment and Management).
  • Conference Room.
  • Kitchen/Dining Rooms.
  • Electrocardiogram Machine.
  • Digital Vital Signs Monitors.
  • Emergency Carts With Defibrillator.
  • Power Generator.
  • Kitchen/Dining Rooms.
  • Recreation/TV Rooms.

Check out our whole facility in this Photo Gallery